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Wing of Furie
Location Downloadable Content
Acquisition Downloadable Content
Alignment N/A
Level Requirement N/A

"They guard the city of eternal fire."

Wing of Furie is a downloadable relic in Dante's Inferno.


While equipped, Dante's hit counter increases (but only when the Scythe is used).


  • The title of this relic would be correctly called "Wing of Fury" or "Wing of Furies".
  • The relic is a reference to the mythological Furies: three sisters and the daughters of the sky entity Ouranos in Greco-Roman myth. In retaliation for imprisoning his siblings in the Underworld, the Titan Kronos, at the instigation of his mother Gaia, attacked and castrated Ouranos, taking his place as overlord of the world. Where Ouranos's blood hit the ground, the Furies (Alecto, Megara and Tisiphone) were created. Having been born from an act of rebellion and violence, these three in turn became the punishers of criminals in the Greco-Roman world. Symbols of the horrors resulting from crime and guilt, they would pursue any who broke laws, oaths or killed others, driving the perpetrator to madness. They could only be stopped by a direct pardon from the gods, as in the case of Orestes and Electra.
  • In the Inferno, the Furies acted as guards, alongside Medusa and the fallen angels, of the City of Dis.