Unholy Rank Unholy EXP
0 0
1 500
2 1300
3 2800
4 5300
5 9300
6 15300
7 24300

Dante's Unholy abilities focused on using the Scythe to attack enemies or using hellish magic to protect himself. In order to obtain stronger Unholy abilities, Dante must gain Unholy experience by damning the Damned and demonic throughout the Circles of Hell. The Damned could be damned by Punishing them when Dante found them while demons could be damned by grabbing them with B r2/Bx rt and then choosing punishment with B s/Bx x.

Unholy Abilities[]

Action Requirements Cost Command (PS3) Command (360) Description
Death's Grasp B r2 Bx rt Grab an enemy with Dante's scythe.
Diabolic Ascension B t (hold) Bx y (hold) Launch nearby enemies into the air.
Vile Flurry B s,B s,B s,B s Bx x,Bx x,Bx x,Bx x Initiate a quick combo.
Repayment Rank 0 1500 B l2 Bx lt Counter an enemy attack.
Impaler Rank 0 1000 B t,B t Bx y,Bx y Initiate a Fierce Attack that hits enemies multiple times.
Diabolic Rupture Rank 0, Impaler 1500 B t,B t (mid-air) Bx y,Bx y (mid-air) Initiate a Fierce Attack and finishing move.
Vile Wind Rank 0, Vile Flurry 1000 B s (hold) Bx x (hold) Dash backward then forward with a sweeping attack.
Retribution Rank 1, Repayment 2000 B s (counter) Bx x (counter) Return a projectile back at the enemy.
Death's Pillar Rank 1, Impaler 1500 B t,B t,B t,B t Bx y,Bx y,Bx y,Bx y Initiate a Fierce Combo that knocks enemies to the ground and breaks their blocks.
Soul Stabber Rank 1 2000 B l2+B x Bx lt+Bx a Execute a high-frequency focus attack combo.
Vile Tornado Rank 1, Vile Wind 2000 B l2+B s Bx lt+Bx x Execute a sweeping focus attack.
Diabolic Hammer Rank 2, Death's Pillar 2000 B l2+B t Bx lt+Bx y Initiate a deadly focus attack combo for massive damage.
Soul Crusher Rank 2, Soul Stabber 2500 B l2+B x (mid-air) Bx lt+Bx a (mid-air) Thrust the scythe down on enemies with a critical attack.
Vile Cyclone Rank 2, Vile Tornado 2500 B l2+B s (mid-air) Bx lt+Bx x (mid-air) Slice enemies in the air with a focus attack.
Abominable Slam Rank 3, Diabolic Slash 2500 B t (hold, mid-air) Bx y (hold, mid-air) Break enemy defenses from above with a critical attack.
Diabolic Slash Rank 3, Diabolic Hammer 2500 B l2+B t (mid-air) Bx lt+Bx y (mid-air) Scar the ground with a fierce attack.
Soul Shatter Rank 3, Soul Crusher 3000 B l2+B x
(Soul Stabber)
Bx lt+Bx a
(Soul Stabber)
Launch enemies into the air with a forceful finishing move.
Vile Hurricane Rank 3, Vile Cyclone 3000 B l2+B s
(Vile Tornado)
Bx lt+Bx x
(Vile Tornado)
Send enemies flying with a critical attack.
Diabolic Guillotine Rank 4, Diabolic Slash 3000 B l2+B t
(repeatedly, Diabolic Hammer)
Bx lt+Bx y
(Diabolic Hammer)
Unleash a flurry of critical attacks with a damaging finish.

Unholy Magic[]

Action Requirements Cost Description
Lust Storm (1:) —
(2:) Rank 2
(3:) Rank 3
(1:) —
(2:) 2500
(3:) 5000
Surround yourself with a storm of dark energy that deals energy to enemies. Level 2 deals more damage to enemies. Level 3 has an increased range and blocks ranged attacks from enemies.
Sins of the Father (1:) —
(2:) Rank 4
(3:) Rank 5
(1:) —
(2:) 2500
(3:) 5000
A magic pendant protects Dante and attacks any nearby enemies. Level 2 travels an increased distance. Level 3 projects three blades at once.
Suicide Fruit (1:) —
(2:) Rank 6
(3:) Rank 7
(1:) —
(2:) 2500
(3:) 5000
Slam the rotting fruit of a Suicide Tree into the ground, stunning nearby enemies. Level 2 has an increased range of destruction. Level 3 has an even more increased range of destruction.

Unholy Upgrades[]

Action Requirements Cost Description
Death's Reach Rank 1, Death's Grasp 2000 Dante's grab attack now reaches enemies at a greater distance.
Wisdom of Horace Rank 2 2500 The Mana bar increases in scale.
Fortitude of Hector Rank 2 2500 The Health bar increases in scale.
Redemption Cell Rank 3 2500 A cell is added to Dante's Redemption meter, extending its duration.
Relic Slot Rank 4 3000 An additional relic slot is unlocked.
Wisdom of Lucan Rank 5 4000 The Mana bar increases in scale.
Fortitude of Latinus Rank 5 4000 The Health bar increases in scale.
Mental Sap (1:) Rank 6
(2:) Rank 7
(1:) 4000
(2:) 6000
Enemies release Mana when destroyed by Dante's scythe. Level 2 causes enemies to release an increased amount of Mana.