Cute Baby

An Unbaptized Baby.

“The unblessed infants. Baptism they did not have. The one gate to the true faith was never shown to these newborn souls, Limbo shows no mercy for these babes.” — Virgil

An Unbaptized Baby was an enemy that was encountered in Dante's Inferno.


An Unbaptized Baby was a baby who died before it could be baptized like a miscarriage and a stillborn, condemning it to Limbo. They are disfigured and tormented demonic versions of their former selves with gray skin, glowing eyes and scars all around their eyes and body as if they are sewn together. Their umbilical cord was wrapped around the body. Their most outstanding trait is their arms which are severed and replaced with bony and razor-sharp claws.


Since they are so weak, virtually any one of Dante's attacks are effective against the Unbaptized Babies. It was most effective to use attacks that worked well against their large numbers. Focus mostly on using wide-range Scythe attacks that could hit multiple foes or attack them from a safer distance with a barrage of quick holy attacks from the Cross. Another option was to pass judgment on them to earn quick and easy Holy or Unholy experience points.


  • In the Catholic faith during the Middle Ages, it was believed that babies who died in infancy (Had not committed personal sin), but are not baptized (And are not cleansed of original sin) are sentenced to Limbo, the outermost region of Hell. A topic of theological importance that debated for over a thousand years, the belief in Limbo was heavily debated in the Church as well as an infant condemned to such a thing due to their innocence. One such argument was that Christ's death absolved all of Original Sin, sparing infants until an understanding was gained of personal sin and the possibility of redemption.
  • The Unbaptized Baby enemy caused controversy with the International Nanny Association (INA) in part because of the "Bad Nanny" achievement/trophy.[1]
  • The Unbaptized Baby was titled "Brat" in pre-development.
  • When the Unbaptized Baby was first encountered, it generated from what appeared to be the effigy of a pregnant woman with her hollowed-out abdomen in flames. Appropriately, the Unbaptized Baby emerged from this fiery opening to confront Dante.
  • In Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic, one of the Unbaptized Babies was Dante's own son who was stillborn.
  • A more powerful variant that was known as the "Lost Soul" could be selected as an enemy in the Trials of St. Lucia.