Downloadable Content
Trials of St. Lucia
Price $9.99 (PlayStation Network)800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE)
Release Date April 29, 2010
Availability PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Trials of St. Lucia was a piece of downloadable content (DLC) for Dante's Inferno. It featured online Multiplayer gameplay of up to two online players in Co-Op mode with Dante and a new playable character named St. Lucia. It also featured a create/upload feature which the players could build and customize the sequences of the fighting arenas called trials and upload them to an online community for the other players to play, vote and rate. It was confirmed that the DLC was removed from the stores and it was no longer available.

Online Trials[]

The online trials allowed the player to access the trials that are built by the other players in ether single-mode or Co-Op mode. The player could either join another player or host a match. Local Co-Op (Where both players played on the same console) was not available. As the players completed or attempted the trials, they increased their Player Score. The trials varied in difficulty, signaled by bronze, silver, gold or platinum medals. The more difficult and the higher that the score reward was.


The following arenas are included with the DLC:

Trial Creator[]

Trial Editor

The trial creator feature allowed the player to customize many aspects of their trial including name, description and playable characters.


This letted the player choose from a selection of environments that appeared within the story mode.


It allowed the player to structure the timing of the trial. However, each wave had a limit on how many objects and enemies are included.

Game Style/ Objective[]

The player may choose what objective must be done to complete the wave including killing all of the enemies, time trials, defeating the Summoner (Who produced a constant stream of enemies), protecting an innocent and completing without getting hit.


It letted the player select from any type of enemy that appeared in the story mode, how many there are, how much health that they had and how aggressive that they are.


These are elements that posed no danger unless approached by a character or enemy. The player may choose from a selection of traps such as circular blades and fire vents depending on which map that they are using. They may also adjust how much damage that they inflicted on a character or enemy.


These are elements which assisted the player during the trial including health and mana fountains as well as temporary power-ups. The player may adjust how much health or mana that the fountain provided.