The Tempest
“The winds of Lust smite these damned. No hope of less pain, no hope of rest, ever comforts them.” — Virgil

The Lust Storm was a location in Dante's Inferno.


The Lust storm was controlled by Cleopatra to keep the lustful souls continuously spinning through the air to keep them apart from those whom they desired to be with in life. It laid in the center of Lust on the path to the Carnal Tower. Some souls here are cast in gold or bronze statues. They reached for their lovers on the other side, but could not move any closer. The tempest charged them with lethal amounts of electricity, sending lightning bolts crashing onto the path. In order to proceed, Dante must pull a lever at the precise moment before the lightning hitted a movable tile. Doing this will cause the lightning to be launched at the storm, temporarily opening a rift that allowed entry into the tower.


  • Filippo's Rage - On the second golden tile from the storm, to the left. Drop down and scale the damned climb to access the secret area containing this relic.
  • Silver Judas Coin - On the second tile closest to the storm, on the left. The player must drop down to reach it.

Dante's Journal[]

  • In "The Inferno," souls that are damned to the second circle for their lust are thrown about in a constant windstorm.