Temptress of Lust
“Shameless abominations trumpet their hunger, their yearning. Ripe as rotten fruit, a garish misrepresentation of many confined here, those with devotion, those that remain true.” — Francesca Da Polenta

The Temptress was a creature encountered in Lust.


These beautiful women were once highly lustful in life. In death, they are the personification of uncontrollable lust. They are the servants of Queen Cleopatra. Dante first encounters them within The Tower. The Seductress was a variant of the Temptress as her hair was up while the Temptress's hair was down. Regardless of the change in hairstyle, she was the same as a temptress, but had the ability to draw the player toward them.


Once a human woman, the Temptress was humanoid in shape, being very voluptuous from breasts to hips to buttocks: The ideal of the female form. However, she was corrupted fully by the sin of Lust and was now merely a grey-skinned demonic slave to her own carnal desire. What little clothing that she wore was a ripped shawl lazily draped around her legs with gold bracelets decorating her limbs and which are now permanently fused to her skin. She frequently moaned in a sexual manner, but gave off cat-like screeches when on the attack. They attacked with metal claws or with a long, retractable, scorpion-like tendril protruding from a blood spewing opening from the sternum to the navel down to the vagina, seemingly an unholy fusion of their corrupted genitals. The torso-spanning opening greatly resembled what was once a female vulva while the inside resembled a vagina and the tendril resembled a human (Albeit pointed and barbed) phallus, truly a manifestation of the corruption in both types of human genitalia. These creatures are easily spotted in their crouched positions and stayed close to the ground as they attacked, moaning every so often and fondling themselves seductively in order to lower Dante's guard, seemingly coming to orgasm at the slightest touch that they gave themselves.


  • Their appearances seems to be inspired by traditional Hindu clothing.
  • Given their powers of seduction, they appear to be the Christian versions of the Sirens from another video game series, God of War.