Souls are the currency of Dante's Inferno. They are primarily used to purchase new upgrades and abilities.


Upgrade Menu

The upgrade menu.

Souls can be obtained in a variety of ways. They can be used to upgrade the player's abilities, and purchase new magic abilities. With the Paolo's Heart relic, souls are converted into mana once the mana bar is empty. Souls can be obtained in-game by:

  • Killing enemies.
  • Defeating Bosses.
  • Collecting five Silver Judas Coins will net large payout of souls.
  • Breaking certain objects.


In addition, the player can purchase and download "soul packs" for use in the game. The Small Soul Pack, Medium Soul Pack, and Large Soul Pack can be purchased from the PlayStation Store or Xbox LIVE Marketplace. A Free Soul Pack is also available.


  • You need exactly 117,500 souls to purchase all holy and unholy abilities, magics and upgrades.