“Let me comfort you.”

The Slave Girl was an unnamed Acre prisoner, who offered Dante "comfort" in exchange for the freedom of her and her "brother".


When Dante enters the Circle of Lust, he is confronted by Lucifer and Beatrice, the former of whom reveals that Dante had not been faithful to his fiancee. Shocked, Beatrice tells him to look at her. Dante suddenly feels pain, and one of his memories is revealed in a flashback cutscene.

During the Crusades, Dante asked Francesco why King Richard would want them to "babysit" 3,000 prisoners. At this point, Dante is approached by the Slave Girl, who offers to "comfort" him, in exchange for the release of herself and her "brother." Dante accepts and is led away to a room by the Slave Girl as Francesco holds back her enraged brother. After they have sex, Dante expressed remorse for having been unfaithful to Beatrice. When the Slave Girl inquired about their bargain, Dante keeps his word, and orders for the Slave Girl and her brother to be let go.

In the Hall of Gluttons, Lucifer showed Dante his family being slaughtered, and revealed that the Slave Girl was not the Avenger's sister, but his wife. Infuriated for what had happened, the Avenger retaliated against Dante by stabbing him, then moving on to Florence to kill his father and Beatrice. It is further revealed that because Dante had slept with the Slave Girl, Beatrice had lost her wager with Lucifer, which is why she is now in Hell.

It was unknown what happened to the Slave Girl after these events, though it's very likely that the Avenger had also killed the Slave Girl as revenge for cheating on him. If that was the case, then the Slave Girl's soul was sentenced to the second circle of Hell for her adultery.


  • The Slave Girl's lie about the Avenger being her brother might be a reference to several Biblical couples, who pretended to be brother and sister in order to protect the husband from being murdered by a more powerful rival, and the wife from being abducted by that same rival.