Dante Alighieri obtained this power after defeating his father at the end of the fourth circle. This Greed-based Magic allowed the player to conjure a magical cross that attacked nearby foes. At higher levels, the number of crosses thrown increased.


Level 1[]

  • Soul Cost: N/A
  • Ability Level: N/A
  • Mana Cost: 35
  • Description: Dante summoned a magical cross pendant that attacked any nearby enemies for a short period of time.

Level 2[]

  • Soul Cost: 2,500
  • Ability Level: Unholy Level 4
  • Mana Cost: 50
  • Description: The cross travelled an increased distance. Pole

Level 3[]

  • Soul Cost: 5,000
  • Ability Level: Unholy Level 5
  • Mana Cost: 65
  • Description: Allowed Dante to summon three crosses instead of one.