Shores of Acheron Opening
“All souls that die, from every nation, collect here, as one. Charon's rough crossing awaits those who did not fear the Lord.” — Virgil

The Shores of Acheron was the outermost region of Hell, acting as the ante-hell of the Inferno.


At the very edge of Hell rested the river Acheron, beyond which lied Limbo and the city of woe that was King Minos' realm. The river could only be crossed by boarding Charon. Dante arrived at the shores of Acheron just after passing through the Gates of Hell. Here, he battled through the front ranks of Lucifer's forces so he may board Charon's Ferry.



  • Death's Blade - Given by Virgil.
  • Silver Judas Coin - At the top of the shaft the player can jump to a nook on the left for a Silver Piece.
  • Souls - All of the containers and torches can be broken for bonus souls.


  • In "The Inferno", Dante and Virgil arrive at the shores of Acheron just after entering Hell itself. There, they see the countless damned shades, eagerly awaiting Charon. They also see that those who did neither good or evil in life are confined to the Shores of Acheron for eternity, pursuing a banner (eg. self interest) while wasps and hornets continually sting them, with maggots and other insects drinking their blood and tears. This represents the repugnance of sin and the sting of their conscience.