Resurrection Mode is a feature in Dante's Inferno that allows the player to begin a new game starting right after Dante breaks through the Gates of Hell, starting off in the cliffs above Acheron. Doing this will also unlock the Crusader costume that was selectable at any Beatrice Statue. The player carried the content over from a chosen save which is unlocked after completing the game. The following is carried over in Resurrection Mode:

  • All purchased upgrades
  • All souls that have not been spent


  • All of the player's Silver Judas Coins, Virgil commentaries and Damned souls did not carry over and will have to be obtained in a single playthrough if one wishes to obtain their respective trophies.
  • Starting a new game in this mode will start the player at the Shores of Acheron by bypassing the slaughter at Acre, the boss fight with Death and the battles at the Church and the Gates of Hell.
  • Dante's Journal will be blanked upon starting this mode.