Dante and Beatrice Heaven

Dante and Beatrice standing together; gazing upon the highest heavens.

Paradise' (Also known as Heaven and Paradiso in Latin) was the third and final Kingdom of the Afterlife.


Paradise begins at the very top of Mount Purgatory.  As the third of the divine realms as well as the highest, Paradise is the home of God, the Angels and all of the pure, just and liberated souls of humans who passed on.

The main realm consists of Nine Spheres; each representing one of the celestial bodies that are present in the solar system.  The following is a list of all of the Nine Spheres in order:

  1. The Moon
  2. Mercury
  3. Venus
  4. The Sun
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn
  8. The Fixed Stars
  9. The Primum Mobile

Beatrice resides here and serves as Dante's guide through the nine celestial spheres of Heaven to the Empyrean (The highest Heaven). Unlike the realms of Hell and Purgatory, Paradise does not actually appear in Dante's Inferno and little is known of what it truly looks like. However, several references to it are made, particularly by Lucifer who declares to Dante that "I shall reclaim my rightful place in Paradise!"

Dante's Journal[]

  • Paradise is the only one of the three kingdoms of the afterlife that Dante does not visit in the game and the animated film.
  • At the very end of, "The Inferno," Dante and Virgil climbed down Lucifer's body and slowly made their way back up to the surface. When they finally succeeded, Dante and Virgil proceeded to observe the stars that are in Heaven.
  • The Archangel Gabriel, alongside Saint Lucia are the only present beings in Dante's Inferno who resided in Paradise due to being angels of God.