Malacoda ("Evil Tail" in Italian) was one of Lucifer's top lieutenants in the circle of Fraud. He was summoned by a corrupted Beatrice upon Dante's arrival in this area. Dante must face down two of these creatures during his journey through the Malebolge. They ranked only in the second highest in terms of sheer power.


The Malacoda resembled wingless Arch Demons. They also possessed a shield of flames that surrounded them with a fiery protection. This left them protected from the Scythe attacks until it was sufficiently reduced by the Cross.


  • In "The Inferno", Malacoda was the leader of the Malebranche ("Evil Claws"; the demons of the eighth circle). Dante and Virgil encountered him along with the other Malebranche demons in the fifth pit of the eighth circle. They are charged with keeping the Grafters inside their pit of boiling tar, yet offered to guide Dante and Virgil along the next few Malebolge of which one of the bridges was broken. They acted as a kind of dark comic relief and Dante and Virgil left them behind when they proved not to be as great guides as they once thought.
  • In the original "Inferno", Malacoda and the other Malebrache could not leave their posts among the Grafters. It was possible that Malacoda was given special permission by either Beatrice or Lucifer to come forth in order to battle and kill Dante.
  • The Grafters/Politicians Bolgia had statues on either side of the exit door, showing demons similar to Malacoda in appearance torturing the Damned of that pit. These could either be depictions of Malacoda himself or his fellow Malebranche.