Magic Menu

There are a variety of spells to gather throughout the game, each earned by defeating bosses and by purchasing them with souls. Each spell had it's own unique ability whether it was offensive or defensive and was activated by holding down the L1/LB button and pressing one of the four face buttons. Four spells could be equipped at any one time with the player able to assign particular spells to particular buttons, offering quick and easy access to the magic required most. Each spell drained mana.

List of Spells[]


  • Righteous Path: Dante performed a dash attack and left a trail of icy shards in his wake.
  • Divine Armor: Dante surrounded himself in holy power to absorb damage.
  • Martyrdom: Dante sacrificed Health and Mana to deal a heavy amount of damage to any surrounding enemies.
  • Heaven's Embrace: Dante summoned several icy shards which acted as mines.


  • Sins of the Father: A magic pendant protected Dante and attacked any nearby enemies.
  • Lust Storm: Dante surrounded himself with a storm of dark energy that dealt damage to enemies.
  • Suicide Fruit: Dante slammed the rotting fruit of a Suicide Tree into the ground, stunning nearby enemies.
  • Putrid Voice: Dante mirrored the Gluttons and vomited a deadly acid onto enemies in the surrounding area.