Holy Rank Holy EXP
0 0
1 500
2 1300
3 2800
4 5300
5 9300
6 15300
7 24300

Dante's Holy abilities focused on using the Cross to attack enemies or using divine magic to protect himself. In order to obtain stronger Holy abilities, Dante must gain Holy experience by absolving the Damned and demonic throughout the Circles of Hell. The Damned could be absolved by activating the absolution mini-game when Dante found them while demons could be absolved by grabbing them with B r2/Bx rt and then choosing absolution with B c/Bx b.

Holy Abilities[]

Action Requirements Cost Command (PS3) Command (360) Description
Holy Blast B c,B c Bx b,Bx b Unleash two waves of divine energy.
Divine Force (1:) Rank 0
(2:) Rank 0
(1:) 1000
(2:) 1500
B c (hold) Bx b (hold) Release a concentrated, short-range burst of Holy energy, breaking enemy defenses. Level 2 increases the damage, but must be held longer than Level 1.
Vindication Rank 0 1500 B c (counter) Bx b (counter) Initiate a critical attack that sends enemies flying.
Holy Barrage Rank 1, Holy Blast 2000 B c,B c,B c Bx b,Bx b,Bx b Unleash a three-part attack of divine energy.
Sacred Judgment Rank 1 2000 B l2+B c Bx lt+Bx b Initiate a two-part focus attack that violently pulls enemies toward Dante with divine might.
Divine Tempest Rank 2, Divine Force 2500 B c (hold, mid-air) Bx b (hold, mid-air) Launch enemies into the air with divine might.
Sacred Quake (1:) Rank 2, Sacred Judgment
(2:) Rank 2
(1:) 2500
(2:) 2000
B l2+B c (mid-air) Bx lt+Bx b (mid-air) Crash Dante down in a focus attack that stuns nearby enemies. Level 2 does more damage and has a longer stun.
Holy Devastation Rank 3, Holy Barrage 3000 B c,B c,B c,B c Bx b,Bx b,Bx b,Bx b Unleash a devastating wave of holy energy.
Sacred Justice Rank 3, Sacred Quake 3000 B l2+B c
(Sacred Judgment)
Bx lt+Bx b,Bx b
(Sacred Judgment)
Launch and stun enemies in the air.

Holy Magic[]

Action Requirements Cost Description
Righteous Path (1:) —
(2:) Rank 1
(3:) Rank 3
(1:) —
(2:) 2500
(3:) 5000
Perform a dash attack that leaves a trail of icy shards in its wake. Level 2 deals more damage to enemies. Level 3 deals even more damage to enemies.
Divine Armor (1:) Rank 3
(2:) Rank 4
(3:) Rank 5
(1:) 2500
(2:) 4000
(3:) 6000
Instantly blinds surrounding enemies and provides protection to Dante for a short time. Level 2 will regenerate Dante's health while active. Level 3 will regenerate more of Dante's health while active and make him resistant to enemy attacks.
Martyrdom (1:) Rank 4
(2:) Rank 5
(3:) Rank 6
(1:) 2500
(2:) 4000
(3:) 6000
Sacrifice Health and Mana to deal a heavy amount of damage to any surrounding enemies. Level 2 inflicts more damage to surrounding enemies. Level 3 inflicts even more damage to surrounding enemies and has an increased range of destruction.

Holy Upgrades[]

Action Requirements Cost Description
Wisdom of Camilla Rank 1 2500 The Mana bar increases in scale.
Fortitude of Seneca Rank 1 2500 The Health bar increases in scale.
Holy Protection (1:) Rank 2
(2:) Rank 3
(1:) 3000
(2:) 4000
Dante will take less damage from enemies. Level 1 reduces damage by 5%. Level 2 reduces damage by 10%.
Redemption Cell Rank 3 2500 A cell is added to Dante's Redemption meter, extending its duration.
Wisdom of Galen Rank 5 4000 The Mana bar increases in scale.
Fortitude of Brutus Rank 5 4000 The Health bar increases in scale.
Relic Slot Rank 5 3000 An additional relic slot is unlocked.
Blessed Spirit Tap (1:) Rank 6
(2:) Rank 7
(1:) 4000
(2:) 6000
Enemies release Health when destroyed by Dante's cross. Level 2 causes enemies to release an increased amount of Health.