A close-up of a Heretic.

Heretics are tall, thin, gray skinned demons who started appearing in the sixth circle of Hell. They were once warlocks, working as priests of the heretic sects within early Christianity.


They have more magic attacks than most minions and are usually seen using those more than melee. Their abilities consist of energy shields that they can also use on other minions that blocked all magic and mana abilities such as Dante's Cross and bolts of electricity that can be shot from their staff. They are sometimes accompanied by similar foes known as Pagans. They can manifest their commands using the following phrases:

  • OADRIAX ("Lower Heavens")
  • ZEDEKIEL ("Angel of Jupiter")


Because of their power to make the other surrounding enemies immune to Dante's holy attacks, Heretics should be the player's first priority. They are immune to the Cross. Scythe attacks or Magic must be used to defeat them.


  • Heretics and Pagans are capable of speech, often invoking the names of lesser beings that they worshiped.
  • The language the Pagans and Heretics speak is Enochian which exists in real world, an occult constructed language — said by its originators to have been received from angels- which allowed magicians and occultists to communicate with angelic realms and gain superhuman powers.
  • While Heretics were followers of heretic sects within early Christianity, their robes look very much like a sacerdos' or cardinal's, the latters are clergymen of Catholicism, alluding to the Bishop that sent the Crusaders on their quest with false promises of redemption and absolution.