Guardian Demon

A Guardian Demon.

“Lucifer's great horde. Hell beasts and fire demons. Weird worms and vile torturers.” — Pontius Pilate

Guardian Demon is a creature encountered in Dante's Inferno.


Guardian Demons are demons first encountered on the Shores of Acheron. They are the lowest rank of Demons, but still have a higher standing than minions. They appear as tall, black beings, with long, curved horns. As a weapon, they can be seen carrying a large curved sword, which they can swing with great force. They also tend to appear in small groups of around two or three.


Guardian Demons are among the feeble demons in Hell. However, they are the most annoying minions that Dante would face at the beginning. Possessing little defense and health, these demons fell quickly before the Scythe. They could also attack with an unblockable strike. When they are about to use this move, the sword would glow with a bright orange light. Dodge if you are too close as this moves did massive damage and if they missed the hit with their sword, they pound their foot and roar. This move could be blocked and countered normally if the player had the Filippo's Rage relic. Once upgraded, a repayment move would automatically be performed if the player countered their unblockable strike.