Graham McTavish decided to move to the United States in 2007 after a long and successful career in the UK, in projects as varied as RED DWARF and SHARPE, and leading roles in theatres from the Royal Court and National in London to the Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh.

One week after arriving in Los Angeles, Graham McTavish landed a leading role opposite Sylvester Stallone in the recent Millennium Films/Nu Image production of RAMBO.

Since then, McTavish has worked non-stop in a diverse array of roles. These include a religiously obsessed serial killer in NUMB3RS, for Tony and Ridley Scott and CBS Paramount Television; Dante Alighieri in the recent animated DANTE'S INFERNO, an outrageous wedding planner on GHOST WHISPERER; the leader of a group of Russian commandos on NCIS; a British drill sergeant on ABC's smash LOST, a love-sick German chef on PUSHING DAISIES, and the recurring role of Ferguson in the last season of PRISON BREAK. In between times he has provided the voice of Loki, for WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN and HULK VS THOR, the AVENGERS, as well as back to back leading roles in the feature films, GREEN STREET 2: STAND YOUR GROUND for Odd lot, and the much-hyped horror flick, PENANCE.

In 2010 Graham played Ivan Sokoloff in MIDDLEMEN with Giovanni Ribisi and James Caan, and also Earl Janssen in SECRETARIAT with Diane Lane.

In 2011 Graham started filming THE HOBBIT Parts 1 and 2 for Peter Jackson and Warner Bros playing Dwalin, as well as starring in the long-awaited sequel to THE WICKER MAN, entitled THE WICKER TREE for Robin Hardy and British Lion, due to be released in 2011.


  • He is most famous for his recurring role in Fox's hit show, 24.
  • McTavish also worked on other games such as Uncharted and Infamous 2.

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