Gorger Worm

Gorger Worm

The Gorger Worm is a creature in Dante's Inferno, first encountered in the third circle of Hell, Gluttony.

Overview Edit

The Gluttony Worm is a huge worm-like beast that burrows into the landscape of filth. They feast on the souls that are trapped in the circle with them. They rip carcasses apart and corpses that littered the ground. If an unwary victim moves close to its burrow, they instantly rise up and attempt to devour it. They rise from the ground when Dante lures them out from the dusty area, trying to snap him. Failure in the button sequence also resulted in certain death.

Strategy Edit

The Gorger Worm's main attack was to swipe at the player which could be countered with proper timing. They possessed an unblockable attack which could deal substantial damage and send the player flying if the quick-time-event was failed. Thus, they are most easily dealt with at a distance, evading after two to three Scythe attacks. An alternate strategy was to rely on the holy Cross powers to continuously damage them from afar.

Notes Edit

  • They could often be seen in the background after killing Cerberus, devouring enemies and granting the player souls as they did.

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