Gluttony Minion

The Gluttony Minion was a creature in Dante's Inferno and a variant of the Minion.


First encountered in the Third Circle of Hell, these creatures appeared as bloated skeletal beings, composed mostly of muck and filth. Like the other minions, they attacked in groups and attacked by lunging at their enemies. Upon being destroyed, it would explode and leave behind a puddle of filth which could damage Dante if he came into contact.


This enemy attacked using similar methods as regular Minions, but possessed a two-handed lunge attack as well. Like the other minions, Gluttony Minions could be easily destroyed via fast, normal attacks from the Scythe or standard holy attacks from the Cross. However, to avoid the damaging filth that they left behind, it was best to defeat them from a safe distance via powerful holy attacks or by grabbing them.