Location Gluttony, Hall of Gluttons
Class Gluttony
Gluttons are enemies in Dante's Inferno first encountered in the Third Circle within the Hall of Gluttons. They are the souls that are transformed into living embodiments of their sin, obese with jaws for hands, sagging mouths on their necks just below their ears and minds reduced to that of apes and eating anything that they came across. Gluttons attack by either vomiting on their foes or expelling fecal matter from their rear ends. Attacking from the front causes them to vomit an acidic bile, and excrement is issued if attacking from the back.

Strategy Edit

Due to their size and obesity, they are a bit slow making them vulnerable to attack. These creatures are also able to initiate a close-range spread of over-time damage in the form of excrement. An indication that this creature is attempting to execute this attack is seen by watching the Glutton's stomach beginning to bellow and jiggle around. The Glutton erupts a 270° spread of acidic bile, causing constant damage. This attack can come from either end. The Gluttons can also charge Dante and attempt to devour him. Failure to complete the button sequence resulted in certain death as Dante was swallowed whole. Sometimes, they fall down and struggle to stand up making them easy to attack for a period of time.

Gallery Edit

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