“Your redemption is near.”

Gabriel is a character in Dante's Inferno. Gabriel was an angel under God and was also the brother of Lucifer and his other brethren in Heaven. He appeared to Dante Alighieri at the end of Fraud where he took Beatrice and ascended with her to Paradise after she was absolved. He told Dante to continue, stating that not only he absolved Beatrice, but other souls (including the ones that he personally knew). This would be crucial in the ongoing battle between God and Lucifer. Even though Dante did not understand it yet, Gabriel also told him that his "redemption was near."


Powers and Abilities[]

As an angel of God, Gabriel was an immensely powerful being.

  • Immortality - As an angel, Gabriel was both ageless and immortal and was capable of living forever. He along with all of the angels existed before mankind.
  • Flight - Gabriel could fly under his own power. His wings seemed to merely flap gently and slowly while flying or levitating.
  • Teleportation - Gabriel was able to travel to Hell in order to retrieve Beatrice. He then ascended back to Heaven.
  • Super Strength - Gabriel was endowed with possibly impressive amounts of strength. However, it was unknown if he was strong as Lucifer. The fact was given that he was a blessed angel and did not fall from grace.
  • Super Speed - Gabriel was capable of moving at speeds that rivaled that of Lucifer.
  • Super Stamina
  • Healing Factor
  • Nigh-Omniscience
  • Elemental Control - Like Lucifer, Gabriel was capable of manipulating wind, fire, light and lightning.
  • Magic
  • Possibly Telepathy

Dante's Journal[]

  • Gabriel is one of the three only known angels in the game, with the others being Lucifer (a fallen angel), and Saint Lucia from the DLC expansion, The Trails of Saint Lucia. Archangel Michael is mentioned by Lucifer some times.
  • Interestingly, when Gabriel speaks to Dante when he comes to claim Beatrice's soul, his mouth never opens or moves once.
    • This may lead one to believe that Gabriel might possess some form of telepathic ability and that he was communicating to Dante by simply projecting his thoughts into reality.