Fountains, can be found scattered throughout Hell. There are three types of fountains: green, purple, and yellow. When approached, the player is prompted to repeatedly press a button to break them open. With the Rage of Farinata relic, they can be broken automaticly, skipping the quick time event.

Green Fountains[]

The green fountains (as seen in the image above), release green orbs that will restore Dante's health, and are the first fountains to be encountered in the game; the very first fountain can be seen located just outside The Church.

Purple Fountains[]

The purple fountains will release several purple orbs that will restore Dante's mana, which is what allows Dante to utilize his magic in combat. The first fountain can be found surrounding the Gates of Hell with several other fountains.  This is where Virgil is first met and is also where he bestows the spell Righteous Path upon Dante for him to use as his first spell.

Yellow Fountains[]

The yellow fountains are some of the most common of the fountains; being located all throughout the Nine Circles.  Unlike the green and purple fountains, which grant you specific items, the yellow fountains can give the player one of five things:

Dante's Journal[]

  • In the Developer Diary for Greed, a blue fountain can be seen next to a green one. It's possible that blue was most likely the original color of the mana fountains prior to the games release.