Ach-Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love
Description Find and absolve both Francesca da Polenta and Paolo Malatesta
Points 20 Game points
Trophy {{{1}}}

Forbidden Love is an achievement/trophy in Dante's Inferno.


The achievement/trophy is received after Francesca da Polenta and Paolo Malatesta have been absolved in the circle of Lust. It is worth 30 points and a bronze trophy on the PlayStation 3, and 20 points on the Xbox 360.

Francesca is encountered just after the descent into Lust, and Paolo is encountered above the The Lust Storm, by sliding down a hidden Damned Climb. Dante will have to breach the storm to reach Paolo.


  • If the player does not absolve both Paolo and Francesca, this achievement will be locked out.
  • The achievement image resembles the statues of separated lovers that line the path to the Lust Storm and the Carnal Tower.
  • The achievement image depicts Paolo and Francesca reaching for one another, but they obviously are unable to, as they do not have arms in the picture. This could be symbolic of their penalty to be eternally separated.