Filippo Argenti was one of the Damned which Dante must punish or absolve for "The Damned" achievement/trophy. He was encountered in the circle of Anger.


"Angry politician who opposed Dante's return to Florence. Their families were bitter rivals, and Argenti stole from Dante's family after he left Florence."


Filippo Argenti or Argente ("Phillip the Silver") was a prominent Florentine politician and nobleman, connected to the powerful Adimari family. He is said to have gained his surname due to having his horses shod with silver, although another account claims it was due to his silvery hair. In later life, he and his family settled in Barcelona and Valencia, in Spain.

In history, Argenti gained the animosity of Dante Alighieri; the two were on opposite sides of the civil war between the Black Guelphs and White Guelphs. The most popular reason given for this mutual hatred is that Argenti opposed Dante's return to Florence, and while the poet was in exile, he took all of Dante's possessions for himself. As such, Dante writes of his enemy being placed the fifth circle of Hell among the Wrathful after death.


"Go on, tear me to pieces, you dogs!"

"You'd like to see that, wouldn't you? Eh? Eh? You would, eh?"

"Back away! I am Filippo Argenti!"

"Away there, with the other dogs!"

"You see, I am the one who weeps."

"We are swine! Pigs!"

"No other stable of horses rivals mine. They wear... silver on their hooves! Yes."

"Turn upon me with your teeth, if that is all you have to fight with."

"Yes! I was the one who exiled you from Florence. Yes!"

"Then, I confiscated your property out of spite!"

"You will curse the day you crossed my path."

"Insult me in public again and you... will pay dearly."

*Grabbed by Dante* "They- They were all plotting against me."

*Grabbed by Dante* "My life has been spent in anger, now it ends in shame..."

"No!" *Slain by Dante*

(Subtitles read "No! I'll shower you with riches!")

*Absolved by Dante* "Lord... forgive my temper..."


Filippo Argenti in the animated film.
  • In The Inferno, Dante beholds the soul of Filippo among the wrathful in The River Styx. He accosts Dante as the poet crosses the Styx. Filippo is then torn into pieces by the other wrathful in the river Styx after this encounter with Dante and Virgil.
  • In the animated movie, Filippo was recognized by Dante and he demanded that Dante should face his old enemy. Dante dismissed him, saying that he deserved to be damned and ripped to shreds.
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