Eyes of St. Lucia
Eyes of St. Lucia
Location Citadel of Limbo
Acquisition Found
Alignment Holy
Level Requirement None

"From the Patron Saint of the Blind."

The Eyes of St. Lucia is a relic found in Dante's Inferno. It is located in Limbo.


Whilst equipped with the Eyes, Dante has a chance to deflect an incoming attack negating the damage and pushing the enemy away. The likelihood of this happening increases as follows:

  • Lvl 1: 10%
  • Lvl 2: 20%
  • Lvl 3: 30%


  • This relic is named after Saint Lucia (Saint Lucy), a young Roman martyr. Lucia was said to have been born with extremely beautiful eyes, though in all versions she lost them, which is why she is designated as the patron saint of the blind. In one variant of the tale, as she worshiped the Blessed Virgin wholeheartedly, Lucia ripped her eyes out and threw them into the sea, so as not to turn away from her faith and to keep her suitors away. Entirely devoted to prayer, she fulfilled a great number of miracles. As a reward for such devotion, the Blessed Virgin restored her sight, giving the girl even more beautiful and radiant eyes. In another variant, she was betrothed against her will, despite her vow of virginity to God. When she refused to marry the man, she was betrayed to the Roman government, who tried to defile her virginity by having her sent to a brothel. However, Lucia knelt on the ground to pray, and despite trying everything from verbal abuse to physical force, the soldiers were unable to move or harm her. It wasn't until her spiteful fiance had gouged out her eyes that the soldiers were finally able to kill Lucia where she knelt.
  • Saint Lucia is a playable character in The Trials of St. Lucia DLC. She is designated as the guardian angel of Dante and seeks to aid him in his quest. As per her history, she appears to have eyes of pure light.