Dark Forest
“At the midpoint on the journey of life, I found myself in a dark forest, for the clear path was lost....” — Dante Alighieri

The Dark Forest (Location) was a location on the surface in Dante's Inferno. It was fully explored in the Dark Forest add-on.


The forest was likely located somewhere in Florence as Dante Alighieri lived in an estate not far from here. The forest was traversed via a series of mirror portals not unlike the ones that are seen in Gluttony.


On his return from the Crusades, Dante made camp here and sewed a tapestry onto his chest. He proceeded to wipe all of the opposition out that rose from the depths of Hell. Deeper in the forest, he found the Avenger who managed to escape.



  • In the original book, the Dark Forest was not a physical place. In truth it was symbolic of worldly Life, as a state of losing grace (Dante being lost in these woods means that because of his sins, he has now lost his way in life and is at risk of damnation). Dante attempts to leave the forest and get to the Mountain of Joy (Mount Purgatory, acting as a symbol of redemption), but his way is blocked by three animals: a she-wolf, a leopard and a lion. Each animal represents a category of sin (the lion is Violence, the leopard is Fraud and the she-wolf is Instability/lack of self-control), striking home the point that Dante is stuck in his current circumstances because of sin. The creatures drive him back into the Dark Forest until Virgil comes to his aid, and the journey through the Afterlife begins.