Dante Dore

These are the events which happened in Dante Alighieri's lifetime, the Dante that historically existed. (These can be viewed in the "Special Features" section on the Divine Edition of Dante's Inferno.

13th Century Edit


1265 Edit

Dante born under the sign of Gemini (late May - early June) in Florence.

1270-75 Edit

Death of Dante's mother (Bella).

1274 Edit

First sign of Beatrice (who was born in 1266)

1281-83 Edit

Death of Alighero, Dante's father.

1283 Edit

Second recorded encounter with Beatrice.

1285 Edit

Marriage to Gemma Donati, with whom he has three (perhaps four) children.

1289 Edit

Present at the battle of Campaldino (as a horse soldier) and siege of Caprona.

1290, June Edit

Death of Beatrice.

1291-94 Edit

Studies in Florence with Dominicans (Santa Maria Novella) and Franciscans (Dante Croce).

1293-94 Edit

Writes "La Vita Nuova".

1294 Edit

Meets Charles Martel, King of Hungary and heir to the kingdom of Naples.

1295-97 Edit

Enrolls in the guild of physicians and apothecaries. This allows him to enter Florentine political life, first as a member of the "council of Thirty-six" (which assists the capitano de popolo).

14th Century Edit

1300 Edit

Pope Boniface VIII proclaims Jubilee year.

may 25 2014 Edit

Florentine Guelphs splinter into "black" and "white" factions.

1300, June 15 Edit

Dante, a white Guelph, elected to the Council of Priors for a term of two months.

1301, October Edit

Travels to Rome as part of Florentine embassy to Boniface.

1301, November Edit

Detained as Charles of Valots (at Boniface's behest) enters Florence and allows black Guelphs to overthrow whites and sack the city.

1302, January 27 Edit

Sentenced to exile for Florence for two years and fined five thousand florins.

1302, March 10 Edit

Permanently banned from Florentine territory under pain of death by fire.

1303-7 Edit

In Verona, Arezzo, Trevisa, the Lunigiana region (northwest of Lucca) and the Casentino region (north of Arezzo).

1303, October 11 Edit

Death of Pope Boniface VIII

1304, July 20 Edit

Alliance of exiled white Guelphs and Ghibellines defeated at La Lastra outside Florence (Dante not present). Whites the "De Vulgari Eloquentina" and "Convivo" (both left incomplete).

1304-9 Edit

Concieves and composes "The Inferno".

1308-9 Edit

In Lucca, perhaps with his wife and children.

1308-12 Edit

Concieves and composes "Purgatorio".

1309 Edit

Pope Clement V moves the papacy from Rome to Avignon.

1310-12 Edit

Henry VII of Luxemborg descends into Italy. Dante accompanies him on visits to several cities.

1312-18 Edit

Resides in Verona in the household of Cangrande della Scala.

1313 Edit

Death of Henry VII

1314 Edit

Publishes "The Inferno". Implores Italian cardinals to return the papacy to Rome.

1315 Edit

Refuses Florence's offer to allow him to return in exchange for admission of guilt and payment of a reduced fine. Publishes "Purgatorio" and begins "Paradiso".

1317 Edit

Writes the "Monarchia".

1318-21 Edit

In Ravenna as guest of Guido Novello da Polenta.

1319-20 Edit

Exchanges Latin eclogues with Giocanni del Virgilio.

1321 Edit

Completed "Paradiso". Contracts malaria during return from a diplomatic mission to Venice. Dies in Ravenna on September 13 or 14.