Citadel of Limbo is a location in Dante's Inferno, within Limbo.


Within Hell's first circle resided a massive fortress. Within it resided the souls of the virtuous pagans who lived and died before the coming of Christ (Virgil being one of them) and the Unbaptized Babies. Upon leaving Charon's Ferry and reaching Limbo, Dante found himself upon the outer battlements of this citadel. At the end of the citadel was the Hall of Kings where those who lived good lives, but could not accept Christ remained. Beyond the citadel resided King Minos, the judge of the Damned, the second boss of the game.


  • Beatrice Stone-Found at the end of the initial hall past Charon's head.
  • Eyes of St. Lucia-Adjacent to the above Beatrice Stone.
  • Electra-After opening the Demon Doors to the right of Virgil, on the mezzanine.
  • Saladin's Mercy-In the Hall of Kings, under the statue of Saladin. The statue is moved by jumping to the ledge in the right part of the room and pulling a lever.


  • In "The Inferno", as Virgil leads Dante through Limbo, he takes him to a great citadel. There, Dante witnesses the countless souls who make up the Virtuous Pagans of Limbo. In contrast to the Citadel depicted in the game, the residence of Limbo had a more Heaven-like atmosphere, shining with it's own light.