“I lie here, a beast in my own filth, punished for a life of excess. Let my sentence stand as an admonition to those ruled by appetite.” — Ciacco

Ciacco was one of the Damned which Dante must punish or absolve for "The Damned" achievement/trophy. He was encountered in the circle of Gluttony, acting as host to the circle.


"Anonymous citizen of Florence who spent his life gorging his appetites and now spends eternity in the muddy depths of the third circle of Hell."


Very little is known of the character of Ciacco. Despite his familiarity with Dante, no clues are given as to who he may have been in history, if he wasn't a made-up character in Dante's work. His name, reportedly a name given to pigs, is indicative of his overindulgent nature. However, it is not known if Ciacco was his true name or simply an alias.


Ciacco in the animated film
  • Ciacco appeared in the animated film, residing within Cerberus' innards. He claimed that he knew Dante in life, though Dante did not seem to remember him. Nonetheless, Dante was moved by his pleas and absolved him. He was only one of the three souls that Dante absolved. The others are his mother and Beatrice.
  • In The Inferno, as Dante travels through the third circle of Hell, Ciacco addresses him, and the two have a lengthy conversation.
  • He is voiced by Giancarlo Cicconi.
  • The name Ciacco is said to mean "pig" or "hog." This is fitting, as this circle is where the sinners for the sin Gluttony reside. The sinners wallow around in the mud like pigs, just as they stuffed their faces like pigs in their lives.

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