Brunetto Latini was one of the Damned which Dante must absolve for "The Damned" and "Old Friend" achievement/trophy. He was encountered in the circle of Violence among the Abominable Sands.


"Philosopher and scholar of Florence, and early mentor to young Dante. He suffers in the seventh circle of Hell for the sin of sodomy."


Brunetto Latini, or Burnecto Latino (1220-1294), was a Florentine philosopher and statesman. He was greatly renown for his orations and his writings, taking influence and inspiration from the rhetorician Cicero. Returning from a diplomatic mission to Castile in Spain, he learned of the defeat of the Guelphs in Italy and went into exile in France. In 1269 Latini came back to his native Tuscany, and continued to rise in fame and position in Florence. He was praised widely for his prose and poetic works, including his translations of Roman rhetoric works and creation of modern encyclopaedic works.

At some point in his life, Latini became the guardian to the historic Dante Alighieri upon the death of his parents. The two reportedly shared a strong and loving bond, with Latini introducing Dante to Cicero's writings and various others. Latini died in 1294, leaving behind one daughter, Bianca Latini. Latini's body was entombed in Florence, in the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.


"I was a notary and man of learning..."

"Cicero was my guide to public affairs..."

"The malicious ingrates form Fiesole were my enemies."

"They whispered against me... vile insinuations!"

"I was a tutor to many young men..."

"They said I abused my position and authority..."

"Tempting young men to vice... such rumours proclaim them blind!"

"Each one who stains my reputation will be no more..."

"The first one to die was Giuseppe Vecchio."

"I strangled the rumormonger with a knotted rope."

"Then one by one, all the venticelli of Florence disappeared..."

"Little winds of gossip, expunged from the living.."

*Grabbed by Dante* "Ah! I taught you how man makes himself eternal."

*Grabbed by Dante* "I would have forgave their deceit!"

"I did what I thought was..." *Slain by Dante*

*Absolved by Dante* "Benign Heaven!"


  • In The Inferno, Dante encounters the shade of Brunetto Latini within the final round of the seventh circle. Upon recognizing Dante, Brunetto has a lengthy and affectionate talk with his former pupil, warning him of his future exile from Florence. He is one of the few shades Dante regards with compassion and great respect, though it grieves the poet to see his teacher in Hell.
  • Evidence of Latini engaging in sodomy as historic fact is ambiguous. It is possible that, as far as the original novel is concerned, Latini is not in Hell as a Sodomite by definition, but for using French in his works instead of his native Italian, which Dante may have deemed an "unnatural" corruption of writing as art. Several other scholars are also found in this area, supporting this notion.
  • In the game's account of things, it seems that Brunetto Latini did commit sexual sodomy, and desperately worked to quell accusations of doing so, dismissing them as rumors.
  • In one voice line of the game, Latini admits that he strangled someone who spread word of his illicit habit. This being the case, it is interesting that the game condemns him only for the act of sodomy and not murder. It is likely that his desire to continue indulging in sodomy in secret was the driving force behind his actions, explaining his placement.
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