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Brains of Ruggieri
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Alignment N/A
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"A traitor's only food."

Brains of Ruggieri is a relic in Dante's Inferno.


While equipped, Dante can dodge roll from any special combo.


This relic references the story of Count Ugolino, who is found in the circle of Treachery for betraying the town of Pisa. Ugolino found himself ultimately double-crossed by the Archbishop Ruggieri degli Ubaldini, his former ally. After Ugolino murdered the archbishop's nephew during a riot, Ruggieri rallied the town to rise up and capture Ugolino and his family. Ruggieri then had the count, his sons and young grandsons locked up in the Tower of Muda to starve to death, while the archbishop took over Pisa.

Despite Ugolino's infamy, Ruggieri was universally condemned for this brutal act against the count and his family, and the archbishop stepped down from this post soon after. In Hell, Ugolino is allowed revenge for his death; both he and Ruggieri are trapped together in the ice of Lake Cocytus, close enough so that the starved count is permitted to feed on Ruggieri's skull and brains.