Boudica was one of the Damned which Dante must punish or absolve for "The Damned" achievement/trophy. She was encountered in the circle of Anger, acting as the circle's host.


"After she was flogged and her children raped, the Vengeful Queen of the Iceni Tribe tried to set fire to the City of Rome with a bloody revolt."


Boudica was the queen of the Iceni tribe of British Celts, reported to have been tall and intimidating, with long "tawny" hair. Her husband, Prasutagus, allied himself with the Roman Empire prior to the conquest of Britannia by the Emperor Claudius. In his will, Prasutagus reportedly left the rulership of his kingdom to the Roman Empire and his daughters jointly. However, upon her husband's death, Prasutagus's wishes were not only ignored, but his lands were confiscated, Boudica was flogged and their daughters were brutally raped by the Romans.

In retaliation, Boudica attempted to free her people from the Roman Empire, starting a bloody rebellion against the Emperor Nero. The Celts ravaged several towns, including Londinium (London), numbering hundreds of thousands strong. Approximately 70 to 80 thousand Romans and Britons were then tortured to death by the queen's forces.

She devastated the countryside until the Romans, led by Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, finally stopped her at the Battle of Watling Street. Despite the vast numbers of her army, the Roman's strategic skill and military training soundly defeated the Iceni. In an attempt to avoid capture, Boudica committed suicide by ingesting poison, although an alternate version by Cassius Dio states that she died of disease.

Boudica became a figure of many legends even into modern times, portrayed both negatively and positively.


"We have been stripped and despoiled like murderer's victims."

"Obey this woman's command: In this battle, you must conquer or die."

"We fight for lost freedom and the violation of our daughters..."

"Daughters, The Druids have spoken. Gather the tribes."

"It is we who are responsible for these evils. We allowed them to set foot in Britain."

"Rome has deceived us!"

"Hang the eldest among them. Impale them, sew their mouths shut."

"Take no prisoners. Romans get only fire and the sword."

"We must do our duty while we still remember what freedom is."

"Fear not the romans. They're weak in numbers and in bravery."

"Let us show them that they are hares trying to rule wolves."

"Poverty with no master is better than wealth with slavery."

*Grabbed by Dante* "The tribes of Britain trusted me!"

*Grabbed by Dante* "Don't take my daughters again..."

"Daughters, save your mother..." *Slain by Dante*

*Absolved by Dante* "My ancestors, I'm coming to you..."


  • Interestingly, despite committing suicide she resides in the banks of the Styx, whereas suicides are condemned to The Wood of the Suicides in Violence. This is likely due to her extreme fury against the Romans for what they had done to her and her people.
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