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Wiki Manager introduction

Hello Infernopedia, I'm Thatawesomecat, your Wiki Manager here! I'll be acting as a liaison between you and Fandom Staff. For any questions or issues related to editing here, please feel free to reach out to me!

You can read more about Fandom Wiki Managers here:

I will be around to check your Recent Changes occasionally, but if you need me, please feel free to send me a message on my talk page here. I look forward to working with you!

Thatawesomecat (talk) 23:02, March 30, 2020 (UTC)Thatawesomecat

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CNBA3 CNBA3 16 December 2013

Pride, Envy and Sloth Circles.

What if there were circles for these three sins of their own?

Note: I am not talking about how Dante's Inferno reference these in Greed talks about Pride and Envy, and Anger with the Sullens lay at the bottom of the Styx.

I mean actual circles of their own. What it describes, the punishment, etc.

My Opinion:

Envy: a green, slimy, icky place with a fog, and the air is poisoned and the smell of decay and corruption, just as envy is disastrous, the souls who are bond their become twisted and warped, becoming ugly and nothing more than a blob of flesh writhing in agony, reflecting their ugly jealousy.

Sloth: is pure darkness and a deep weighted pressure that crushes the damned in this circle, it is nothing but darkness, just like the slothful care …

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Hdutt2 Hdutt2 9 August 2013

Hdutt2's Blog- Entry 1- Writing a story based on The Divine Comedy

Hey :) Okay so I'm not going to do it to offend anyone or break copyright rules but I wanted to create a more modern story based on the Divine Comedy but not technically steal it. It will be a sort of fan fiction of sorts. Anyways I want to to be an evolving chapter based series with you guys creating ideas to improve it and commenting on it as we go. It's Damnation and if its good enough, the first out of a trilogy of modern versions of Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. So work will commence on the Intro, Prologue and Chapter 1.

It may take time in between chapters to write though but let's see how this works out.

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10th Circle 10th Circle 25 September 2012

Dante's Purgatorio?

We all loved Dante's Inferno. That's why we are together here on this wiki. But will there be a future?

Dante's Inferno's ending set up a VERY obvious sequel. But Visceral Gamer nor EA have said there will be a sequel. In fact, one of Visceral's employees said that Dante is dead as well in the game as is the series.

Will there be a Dante's Purgatorio? What are your thoughts?


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Perfect Sige Perfect Sige 22 June 2012

Beatrice as a Boss?

Would it have been interesting to fight Beatrice in her corrupted form some time as a boss of the sixth through ninth circles?

Given her wicked appearance, I could picture her as a boss for Heresy, but for plot purposes, fighting Beatrice could've been the challenge of the last Bolgia.

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Perfect Sige Perfect Sige 6 June 2012

Sequel Titles & Plot Ideas

Everyone is well aware that Dante's Inferno ended with us hearing the silent laugh of Lucifer just before Dante enters Purgatory...

Here's what I think will happen:

Sequel 1: Dante's Purgatorio

Lucifer, as the snake that used to be Dante's tapestry, slithers through Mt. Purgatory, trying to reach the Garden of Eden, and his presence sullies the very landscape. Dante's task is to relieve each Steppe of Mt. Purgatory of Lucifer's influence. However, the Archangels mistaken Dante as the one who affected Mt. Purgatory, so he's also trying to prove his innocence.

The Final Battle would take place in the Garden of Eden.

Sequel 2: Dante's Paradiso

Dante is permitted to enter Paradise to see Beatrice and his deceased family, but Lucifer, who somehow esc…

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Perfect Sige Perfect Sige 4 June 2012

Favorite and Hated Enemies

I'm pretty sure that in the course of Dante's Inferno, we've come across that one enemy you like, and that one enemy you want to see dead the moment it spawns.

My favorite enemy is the Asterian Beast. Mounting these guys is much-needed payback at all the enemies that swarm me.

My most hated enemy is the Temptress, mostly because it's relatively fast, and I can't absolve/punish it.

Which are your favorite and hated enemies of the Inferno?

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10th Circle 10th Circle 28 February 2012


Kind of useless since you might've seen my activity over the last few days, anyways. I'll just use this blog post whenever I go away/come back.

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SOPA - and what it means to you.

Okay, sorry to get on my soapbox here, but this shit is ridiculous.

Once again, politicians are trying to take away your rights. This time, it's about free information. The US Congress and House of Representatives unsurprisingly support this bill, which should cause further investigation to begin with. If you love sites like Wikipedia, Google, and other forms of free knowledge, then do your part to help our representatives understand that censoring sites like these is an abomination of our rights. How scary would this be to see every time you wanted to look something up on Wikipedia? Wikipedia Blackout

Here's a short video to briefly explain what's going on: SOPA "explained" by The Guardian

Please don't ignore issues like this! Politicians wi…

Read Full Post 19 December 2011

So, which layer do YOU belong in?

As much Hell as I've dealt with lately, it got me to pondering... if you think about it, I guess if this theory were true, most of us would end up somewhere down there. So, I was curious:

]]) 20:34, December 19, 2011 (UTC)

Read Full Post 18 December 2011

Why, oh why, Wikia? :(

I know you must update, tinker, and restore technical whatnots in the database, but why must you tease me with flip-flopping between green/red lights? One second I can edit, the next I can't. I have an addiction people! I must indulge myself and you're cramping my style.

XD Just kidding.

... but, for real. Hurry up, please. Thanks for your hard work! :D

"... Cinnamon cocks!" · (talk) 20:22, December 18, 2011 (UTC)

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10th Circle 10th Circle 13 December 2011

10th Circle's convertation!

Pretty extreme, I have been doubting to make this decision for a long time, but today, I finally came to a decision.

The game helped me a lot in making this decision.

I have decided to become a Christian.

After playing the game and completing it for the first time, I was shocked. Was this hell? Was this how you would be punished after sinning?

Even though I have said goddamnit more than once, I have never denied God. Yes, I have commited sins in my life as well, but we all have (don't try to deny it :)).

Although Im not a Christian yet, and my parents do not know of my decision yet, I am confident they will respect this.

My friends reactions were quite mean: "Believe in God?! YOU? HAHAHA!" "God forgives all Guus, but for you, he will gladly make…

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College is a deep layer of Hell

I've been fighting teacher demons and assignment minions for months, and FINALLY - it's over... for now. I have emerged triumphant from this torment, and I plan to continue my wrath elsewhere. Namely, my wikis. :D

Aside from job searching and family stuffs, I'll be around a lot more! Until my classes start again, that is. It feels good to sit back, relax, and edit.

4.0, bitches! Have a shot for me. XD

"... Cinnamon cocks!" · (talk) 06:08, December 8, 2011 (UTC)

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10th Circle 10th Circle 5 December 2011

DI playthrough by 10th Circle

Soooo yeah, I decided to do a speed run through the inferno!

heres the rules:

  • Easy mode
  • Ressurection mode

My CURRENT fastest playthrough is 2h30min but I will of course, try to beat this ;)

I challenge everyone here to join me in my speedrun and break my record.



TOTAL PLAY RIME: 2h4m35sec


woo that was fast, glad thats over :)

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2ks4 2ks4 23 November 2011

To do list before playing DI

Black Friday is coming up and I have a GameStop gift card in the mail as well, so 'tis the season I may actually get Dante's Inferno. As a practical individual, however, I decided to take stock of my current game situation while planning my next game purchases.

In our house we have 40 disc-based PS3 games (I'm not sure when that happened because that number seemed really high when I counted). Of these, there are six that I started but got distracted by other things before finishing. I want to revisit those before starting something new. There are a whopping eleven that I haven't even popped in the disc for yet (nine of which my wife has already finished - she's much more efficient than me).

So, plenty to do already before DI could get its tur…

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The Milkman The Milkman 9 November 2011

Damnation Pinball

I was scrounging the internet today, and managed to dig up this free promotional game online for Dante's Inferno. It works like a game of pinball, only with the condemned souls of sinners as balls. It's free to play, and brought to you by GamesRadar. You simply press on them at a prescise moment, and watch their horrific, hellish torture. All of the morbid enjoyment you can handle!

To play the game, click on the link below.

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10th Circle 10th Circle 8 November 2011

Final part of the year, whats your gaming wishlist?

as the tite states, WINTERTIME! this is the time of the year in which the absolute topgames are released sooooo what is your wishlist? here are my goals:

CoD MW3 for PC [x]

Skyrim []

Own a PS3 with G(od)oW 3 []

CoD MW3 for PS3 []

thats all fo now, but will b updated! leave your wishlists in comments!

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The Milkman The Milkman 27 October 2011

My Trials

If you have the spare cash, and love Dante's Inferno, I strongly reccomend buying the Trials of St. Lucia DLC. I own it, and love taking advantage of the trial creator. The following is an exhaustive list of all trials I have created. All trials listed are made for one player and were uploaded with my MacabreMilkman account on PSN except were noted otherwise.

  • 1 Test of Faith
  • 2 Test of Faith 2
  • 3 Trial By Fire
  • 4 Fire and Ice
  • 5 The Harrowing
  • 6 The Lust Dungeon
  • 7 Hell's Abortion Clinic
  • 8 Lair of The Archdemon
  • 9 The Depths of Depravity
  • 10 The Abyss
  • 11 Valley Of Death
  • 12 Sudden Death Attack!
  • 13 Sudden Death Attack Overtime!
  • 14 SDA: High Stakes Edition
  • 15 The Angel And The Gambler
  • 16 Danse Macabre
  • 17 Every Saint Has Her Day
  • 18 Tornado Of Souls
  • 19 An Eye For An Eye
  • 20 Angelic Retribution

My …

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10th Circle 10th Circle 16 October 2011

Thinking about leaving DI Wiki.

Why? Because two random strangers in 4 days get Admin. While I joined in longer ago, but ok, I guess MM doesn't like me.

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10th Circle 10th Circle 9 October 2011

Achis Im currently going for:

Zealot (6/14)

Emperor of the Woeful realm IS EARNED!


Glutton for Edits (146/250)

Pagan Soul (50/100)

Zealot is quite back on track, and also another fun fact, the day after I obtain Zealot (if everything goes right) I will leave for Spain! this means that in 2 weeks I wont be on the wiki for 6-7 days.

Yes finally obtained Emperor of The Woeful Realm!

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10th Circle 10th Circle 5 October 2011

Dante's Inferno Wiki is awesome!

as the title states, I will be very active around here and try to be as useful to the wiki as possible!

more updates coming soon!

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The Milkman The Milkman 19 September 2011

Melbourne Branch of Visceral Games Closes

The Melbourne, Australia branch of Visceral Games (Known to have worked on Dante's Inferno, Dead Space, and Godfather 2) has been closed, and twenty-one developers are out of a job. An anonymous source told Kotaku Australia that they would set to shut down on Monday, September 19, and they had been working on a AAA game for the last three years that would have been released on both the Xbox360 and Playstation 3.

From IGN:

"Visceral Games, formerly known as EA Redwood Shores, is located in Redwood Shores, California but has branch offices in Montreal, Canada and (until today) Melbourne, Australia. Visceral Melbourne was reportedly involved in producing Dead Space, The Godfather II and Dante's Inferno."

The article on Kotaku:


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The Milkman The Milkman 29 August 2011

Anyone here?

It seems like I am the ONLY one who contributes to this wiki. Anyone else here?

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TheRightHandofGod TheRightHandofGod 29 May 2011


Hello =D

TheRightHandofGod 09:37, May 29, 2011 (UTC)

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Demon Killer Demon Killer 7 June 2010

about the name of this wiki

ok, we all know the game is called Dante's Inferno but if you think about it, the name is really Inferno(like Avatar was given the license of James Cameron's Avatar) and the next game won't be called Dante's Inferno 2, because it's name will be Dante's Purgitorio then next will be Dante's Paradiso, so why have the name of this wiki Dante's Inferno wiki, shouldn't it be called Dante's wiki.

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Demon Killer Demon Killer 25 April 2010

Dante's Purgitorio(anime)

does anyone know whether there will be a sequel to Dante's Inferno anime because I want to get it as soon as possible.

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