Ach-Bitter Sweet
Bitter Sweet
Description Save Beatrice
Points 50 Game points
Trophy {{{1}}}

Bitter Sweet is an achievement/trophy in Dante's Inferno.


Bitter Sweet is a trophy or achievement that is earned once you save Beatrice upon completing the circle of Fraud. This achievement/trophy is worth 30 points and a silver trophy on the PlayStation 3, and 50 points on the Xbox 360.

There is no requirement for earning this Achievement; all the player must do is survive and complete the circle of Fraud. This will trigger a cutscene, in which the demonic Beatrice will confront Dante about his sins. Dante will give up and lay down the Cross, which will move Beatrice enough to purify her. She will then be transported out of Hell by the angel Gabriel. After the scene, the player gains the achievement.