Beatrice Stones

Beatrice Stones, are special items located throughout Hell in yellow fountains used to upgrade the Cross. By obtaining three stones the player gains the ability to Auto-Absolve the Damned, skipping the sin-catching mini-game at the cost of forfeiting any possible souls. There are actually more than three spots to find the Beatrice Stones allowing players to bypass one and still get all three in one play-through. If the player starts a new game in Ressurection mode, all stones collected carry over. The fountains that previously containing collected stones grant the player souls.


Limbo: Just past Charon's severed head at the end of the hall.

Gluttony: In the Hall of Gluttons. After falling onto the moving platform and double-jumping to the right from the centre of the room.

Greed: After the descent into Greed, it can be found by hopping onto the ledge then jumping up to the right and grabbing a ledge that was previously off screen that has a soul fountain. It lies on the other side of the hallway where the Silver Judas Coin is, on the other side of the soul fountain that holds the Beatrice Stone.

Anger: After seeing Virgil for the second time and fighting the proceeding battle with Fire Guardians, Anger Minions and Temptresses. At the very end of the rope ahead, after dropping down next to a mana fountain.