Charred Minions

An Anger Minion is a wrathful shade that was set aflame for their sins. These exploding minions are made of scorched rock with only magma holding the brittle pieces together. If Dante got too close, the magma ignites their bodies, transforming them into a living bomb. Their pace quickens and Dante has only seconds to either dodge or kill them before the ensuing explosion. The fires can be extinguished with the holy power of the Cross. The cross can only temporarily stop them and Dante must follow up with his scythe to end their wrathful flames.


The Anger Minion are the kamikaze soldiers of Hell. They rush at Dante and try to explode before he can attack them. However, they are weaker than the tormented shades. Attacking them with the scythe destroys them quickly. An easy way to avoid them is to grab them with the scythe and throw them away as their explosions can stun and hurt or even kill other enemies.


  • Fire Minions are very similar to the Anger Minions since both are related to fire. They can be considered as a lower variation to the Anger Minions.