Angels are powerful and immortal winged celestial beings who are the servants of God as well as His warriors and messengers in Heaven. Angels possess free will like humans and are capable of rebelling and sinning against God like Lucifer and his followers did.

Known angels[]

While there are thousands (And possibly millions) of angels that reside with God in Paradise, there are only three known angels in the game.

  • Gabriel: The angel responsible for revelation, and one of the angels named in both The Bible and The Qur’an.
  • Saint Lucia: Dante's Guardian Angel, formerly a human maiden who lost her eyesight due to her devotion to God.
  • Michael: The Commander of God’s armies in Heaven. Commonly seen as the angel responsible for managing the forces of nature, he is also sometimes known as the angel of mercy.

Dante's Journal[]

  • It was interesting to note that even though only three angels are present in the game, the three angels that appeared actually had different roles in accordance to their status and rankings in the Angelic Hierarchy.
    • Gabriel - Archangel
    • Lucifer - Fallen Archangel
    • St. Lucia - Patron Saint/Guardian Angel