Abraham Statue

Abraham was one of Elliyoun's ancient followers. He once resided in Sheol (A dark underworld in the mythos of Judaism), awaiting the arrival of "The One" and his Harrowing. A statue of him could be seen in the circle of Heresy in Hell.


He was considered the "Father" of Israelites and travelled to several places throughout his life. He was originally Sumerian, but Elliyoun told him to go west to Canaan. His descendants eventually became the slaves of an unidentified Egyptian pharaoh who are saved by Moses during the Exodus in 1500 BC.


  • According to one of the parables that Labbi Yeshua, who was the founder of Christianity, told, Abraham is in Paradise, not Haides (a place where most of the dead live in in the doctrines of early Christianity, the term comes from the deity Hades' name in the mythos of Greek paganism).
  • In the Hebrew Bible, he lived to 175 and fathered 8 sons. The oldest of them is Ishmael who is the ancestor of the Moslems (Which makes him the ancestor of Saladin). Abraham was 86 when Ishmael was born.
  • In the Hebrew Bible, he had two wives and one concubine.
  • He is famous for almost sacrificing his second son named Isaac. (Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born.)