Abominable Sands
“Violence may be done against the Deity, by denying him in the heart.” — Virgil

The Abominable Sands was a location in Dante's Inferno. It was the third and final region of the Seventh Circle of Hell.


This scorching burning desert was home to those who acted with violence against God. Filled with the ruins of palaces and cities, the Damned Crusaders wandered aimlessly throughout the region. The sandstorms blew while the smoldering ashes rained from the sky. At the end of this wasteland was Francesco who waited for his revenge against Dante on the back of Geryon.


  • If you travel a bit further in the Abominable Sands, look very closely and you'll see the Damned walking. They only appeared as grey souls, not like the ones that you encountered in the other circles.
  • In "The Inferno", Dante describes the third and final round of the Seventh Circle as a desert of burning sands, with fire raining from above. Upon these sands are punished the three types of sinners who committed violence against God: Those who committed violence against nature (Sodomites), violence against order (Usurers) and violence directly against God (Blasphemers). The Sodomites walked around freely though there is nowhere for them to rest. The Usurers are compelled to remain seated on the dunes and the Blasphemers are forced to lie down on the sand, allowing the raining flames and fiery sands to burn them to the fullest effect.
  • In the Inferno, Dante considers Art itself to be a "Child" of Nature and therefore related to God. As such, those who committed violent or unnatural acts against art are punished here.